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Breaking the Silence to Break the Cycles  of Child Sexual Abuse and It's Trauma

Our Founder

Dr. Nicolle Byrd-Stephens

"My Presence Has Purpose and My Purpose Has Power

Dr. Nicolle Byrd-Stephens, sometimes referred to as Apostle or Dr. B, is known as a “Provocateur” for her ability to stir things up or “Exhorter” for her skill to inspire and activate dormant gifts, ideas and dreams. This trail-blazing woman of excellence brings out the best in you and your organization. Her life's work has been dedicated to fostering the health and wholeness of ministries, individuals and communities cultivating lives to thrive spiritually, mentally and financially. She is a noted transformational leader, voice for the hopeless, advocate for the disadvantaged, neglected and abused.

She is such an humble, effective power that you wouldn’t know that she has served in leadership capacities such as the Alief Parent Advisory Council, Election Chair and contributing author of the City of Houston Union’s Bylaws & Constitution, Interim Chair and Outreach Liaison for the Houston Police and Clergy Alliance, Instructor in the Windham School District, Youth Program Coordinator of India House Community Center, extracting victims from the Human Trafficking industry, Earl Carl Institute’s Black Girl Initiative steering committee member, spokeswoman at the State Capitol and City Hall, just to name a few. She has also received several community awards, featured in published media and editorials, in addition to commendation of Mayoral honor due to the impact of helping thousands of survivors of Hurricane Harvey’s fury and other natural disasters.

Though she is a highly credentialed leading lady within and outside of the church, she too is not a stranger of trauma, tragedy or crisis. As the mother of a murdered child, she has survived domestic and sexual abuse, attempted suicides, homelessness, depression, rejection, fear, family abandonment, religious mis and prejudgments, living in the crack house, etc. However, she attributes her deliverance, healing and restored position as a THRIVER to the love, grace and mercy of God.

After approximately three decades of frontline ministry work in the kingdom, community and marketplace, her life has been summarized as this; a Catalyst of Change, portal for Holy Spirit to “Set the Captives Free”. She is committed to Breaking the Silence to Break the Cycles of Child Sexual Abuse and its Trauma through her organization, RESUSCITATE INC., where she serves as the Executive Director. Resuscitate’s mission is to empower youth and adults through education to prevent child sexual abuse, break abusive cycles, help facilitate the healing and recovery of victims and those impacted from its' trauma.

Dr. Nicolle is preparing to release her new book relating to “Positive Anger”. She also states, “Life may not be perfect, but as long as it’s not over, it can definitely get better”.