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Breaking the Silence to Break the Cycles  of Child Sexual Abuse and It's Trauma

Programs and Services

CSA Prevention Trainings

Stewards of Children is a 2 hour CEU Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Training recognized by the NASW.  This training is taught by an Authorized Facilitator.  Participants will learn the 5 Steps to CSA Prevention to recognize the signs, protect children and avoid possible  issues within their respective organizations.

YouthWise Prevention Camps 

YouthWise is a value-based 8-hour prevention camp for middle to high school aged youth, designed to equip participants with tools to know and understand their rights, roles and responsibilities for respect, personal safety, healthy boundaries decision making and life skills to help them grow into healthy, abuse free adolescents and adults.

Parent Prevention Workshops

P.O.P. is a value-based workshop for parents or parent organizations, strategically designed to support and help with navigation through the sensitive topics and questions of prevention and intervention in relation to child sexual abuse. We recommend all parents complete the CSA Prevention Training.  However, it is not a prerequisite for P.O.P. 

#nomw-ri Awareness Campaign

Not.On.My.Watch is a Community Child Sexual Abuse Prevention campaign to the masses.  It's purpose is to raise awareness through education, engagement and execution strategies that help cultivate a culture of safety and transparency for our children, victims and survivors to help them regain the courage, strength and power of their CHOICE their VOICE breaking the silence and cycles of abuse to protect future generations.

Survivor Recovery Incubators

Recovery Incubators serve to help adult survivors navigate through the trauma of their experience with sexual abuse during their childhood.  Thriver sessions are a total of 12 hours and are taught by trained Ambassadors who serve as Recovery Coaches. There will be a THRIVER graduation and Blessing ceremony upon completion.  *Counseling is outsourced upon request.

Brand Ambassador Intensive

This training is a signature leadership intensive, teaching ALL THINGS Resuscitate.  This full day seminar serves to equip all staff leaders, volunteers or representatives the vision, message, mission and method of operation for effective, efficient and legal interaction through programs, services and collaborative opportunities afforded the organization.   Ambassadors help facilitate incubators and represent Resuscitate  Inc on a variety of platforms.  Completion of the Stewards of Children Prevention Training is a prerequisite prior to Intensive registration.   This is a a volunteer position and it requires consistency and time commitment.  


Resources for child sexual abuse have mostly focused on treatment for victims and criminal justice-oriented approaches for perpetrators.  However, little investment has been made in primary prevention or preventing child sexual abuse.

Source: Centers of Disease Control (Preventing Child Sexual Abuse)



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